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    Welcome to register as a member of wifiGOLF, please read the terms while registration:
    The natural person and the clubs or tournament compaies with legtimate business license who accept the registration provisions can become a member of wifiGOLF site.
    Respect for the members' personal privacy is a basic policy of wifiGOLF site. Without member's authorization, we will not open, edit or disclose their registration information, or sell, rent or lease Customer lists to third parties.
    Enterprise user needs to be reviewed before the registration , when registering, the company name must as the same as the name on the business license (photocopy), and but which is not the only conditions, wifiGOLF have the right to refuse the application unconditionally.
    Users should keep registered mail and password well, and take responsibility for its use and lost. If the user lost password, he can send registration business license (photocopy) to service email to recover the password; individual users can recove the password by the security code or registered email. The loss due to the lost of registered mail and password , wifiGOLF assumes no responsibility, and shall not compensate.
    If the home address filled in by the enterprise users, and LOGO, advertising maps and other text, graphics and information uploaded by all the users involved infringement, the infringement is uploading user's responsibility, there is no any direct, indirect, joint and several liability to the site.
    In any case, any damages caused by the use of or inability to use this website (including, but not limited to loss of business profits, business interruption or loss of business information), wifiGOLF assumes no responsibility. In any case, wifiGOLF is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary and punitive damages , regardless of whether the claim is made for any reason.
    Members with the following acts will be canceled account,and take the responsibility: violation of this Web site registration provisions; damaging behavior to others; in violation of China's laws and regulations.
    Once you start the registration, shall be deemed to fully understand and accept the terms of this Agreement, enjoy the rights conferred by these provisions of the license, but also received the relevant restrictions and limitations, behaviour beyond the scope of this license agreement, in direct violation of this agreement and will constitute an infringement, once you breach the terms of this Agreement, wifiGOLF may at any time terminate this 'Agreement' and withdraw authorization, and ask you to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
    All content on this website are subject to copyright law, protected by copyright law and other related laws. Anyone can not copy or imitate content without authorization. The web site provides for member's personal use and not for other purposes.
    The website's operation and interpretation belong to .